About us:
SCEM is a non-profit society of the Civil Engineering Department M.U.S.T working under the supervision of Patron in Chief ‘Dr. Anwar Khitab’ and Faculty Advisor ‘Engr. Waqas Anwar’. The purpose of SCEM is to conduct Civil Engineering related workshops, events, seminars and exhibitions. Few of the events held by SCEM in the past include Mega Structure Wall Poster Competition, Hydraulic Models Exhibition, Bridge Building Competition, a seminar on nanotechnology and Must Olympiad 2015  etc. . Furthermore, future plans of SCEM include opening of an ‘ASCE chapter’ in MUST which would link Civil Engineering Department of MUST with the international universities and organizations thus taking grooming & vision of our students as well as  reputation of the institute one step ahead.

Executive  Body of Society of Civil Engineering MUST  (SCEM) (2015-2016)

Patron In Chief:

Prof. Dr. Anwar Khitab

Faculty Advisor:

Engr. Waqas Anwar


Atique Ahmed

Vice President:

Zeeshan Ali

General Secretary:

Hamza Awan

Deputy General Secretary:

Ali Raza

Chief Co-ordinator:

Ezza Maryum

Event Organizers:

Ali Raza & Shoaib Asghar

Finance Manager:

Hamza Mumtaz Mughal

Marketing Manager:

Faisal Bukhari

Presentation Leader:

Mumtaz Gillani

Media Manager:

Shahzad Javid Mir


Khursheed Ahmed


Saqib Aftab


Session Heads:

Burhan Mir(2k12)

Umair Mehmood(2k13)

Mir Asim(2k14)


Aims & Objectives:

Rules & Regulations

 Events held:
Exhibition “Water at the heart of Science” with collaboration of Pakistan Science Foundation:

It was an exhibition full of knowledge, innovation and awareness. It was based on Hydrological Models developed by ‘Central Sciences Orleans France’ and ‘Institute of Agronomy France’. The purpose of this exhibition was to provide awareness to the students and the local community about the usage of water and its importance. Students from different local schools also attended this workshop. So, in short, this workshop was a very good step for creating a linkage between an Engineering university and primary/secondary schools.

Mehfil - e – Milad:
A beautiful Mehfil- e – Milad was held in Civil Engineering Department during the month of Rabi-ul-awal; the hall was decorated with flowers, lightings, ribbons and banners. CED students recited Naats’ and guest speaker from Islamic studies department delivered a moral lectures for the audience to build up their character and personality according to Sunnah and Islamic values. Chairman CED also shared his thoughts at the end. 
Seminar on Nano-Technology:
This seminar was held in Civil Engineering Department. Chairman CED Dr. Anwar Khitab was a speaker of the seminar. The purpose of his lecture was to make the students familiar with the advanced material technology i.e. Nano-technology. He taught students about utilization of Nano materials in the construction industry.

 Hydraulics Models Exhibition | 2015
Date: 22 May 2015

Theme of Event                               Hydraulic Structures Models
Date of Event                                            22ndMay2015
Contribution for Event             Faculty and 3rd Year Students
Media Partner                          MMS (MUST Media Society)
Organizing Team                                        SCEM
No of Participant                                                90




The purpose of organizing this event was to Increase the creativity as well as to develop the environment to have a practical approach for different hydraulic structures.
The students from department of Civil Engineering made great contribution to make that event successful by not only making different models but also guiding other guests from staffs and students of different departments. The students of different departments also showed positive attitude towards the exhibition.


Date: 22 June 2014

SCEM Mega Structures Wall Posters Competition | 2014

Theme of Event                       Mega Structures Wall Posters
Date of Event                           22nd June 2014
Contribution for Event           Faculty and Students of CED
Media Partner                          MMS (MUST Media Society)
Organizing Team                     SCEM
No of Participant                      80



SCEM Bridge Building Competition | 2014

Date: 14 December 2014

Theme of Event                       Bridge Building
Date of Event                       14thDecember 2014
Contribution for Event           Faculty and Students of CED
Media Partner                          MMS (MUST Media Society)
Organizing Team                     SCEM
No of Participant                      60

The construction and testing of model bridges promoted the study and application of fundamental principles of physics. By participating in the Bridge Building Competition, students got a flavor of what it is to be an Engineer, designing structures to a set of specifications and then seeing them perform their function.  More than two hundred students participated in the. It was a two day event in which 1st day students built the structure within given time and the 2nd day was the testing of the structure by applying load gradually. Event was held under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Anwar Khitab (Chairman of Civil Engineering Department), Engr. Waqas Anwar (Advisor SCEM) and   SCEM (Society of Civil Engineering MUST).

MUST Olympiad|2015
Date: 10th, 11th, 12thApril 2015
Theme of Event                          Olympiad
Date of Event                              10th, 11th, 12th April 2015
Contribution for Event              SCEM, ASHRAE,  MUST ORION, AKCS,
Media Partner                          MMS (MUST Media Society)
Organizing Team                                        SCEM
No of Participant                                                       700

The purpose of organizing this event was to provide an opportunity to the students from different institutes of national level to come together and show their talent in different fields of study and to provide a different environment of enjoyment and fun. Events held under Olympiad included E Gaming, Puzzle breaker, speed wiring, chess, water rocket, fast and curious, junk art, egg drop, catapult war, technistan, basant, formal dinners and mushairas etc. People from different areas of Pakistan also shared their culture in this 3 day event.
The students from the MUST and other universities actively participated in the event and enjoyed a lot whole three days and appreciated the management team for the efforts. It was not solely a SCEM event, though SCEM took the initiative of this event and played a very active role in it. Dr. Anwar Khitab (Patron SCEM) was the director of this event.